Concrete Cleaning Discussed at World of Concrete Expo 03

7We spent two days walking the halls, meeting vendors, potential customers and learning about new materials, cleaners and equipment. From 02-04-03 to 02-07-03 we cruised the Blitz mobile around the Vegas Strip and into the World of Concrete (WOC) Expo in Las Vegas. We managed to get this picture as the show ended on Friday.

Talk about information over load, this was the largest Expo for Concrete ever in the history of the world, thus the name World Concrete Exposition was very appropriate. We met people from over 30 countries in attendance and discussed the markets in Europe, South Africa, South America, Australia, Japan and even Russia.

As we travel the country we see many eye sores where concrete has not been cleaned at very image conscience businesses. We know there is a market and we intend on taking it. As many larger customer have cut back on concrete cleaning frequency and even strung out independent operators to dry, we see additional markets and were presently surprised to receive a warm reception from builders, parking structure owners, property management professionals and contractors.

This is just one way we are staying on top of the industries greatest innovations. We attend such functions to help our team members know the value of knowledge.