Colorado WashGuys clean McDonalds

WashGuys of Colorado clean McDonalds restaurants to protect kids from bacteria which may be within it’s Play Lands. McDonalds refuses to take a risk with children’s health. Cleanliness is next to godliness and Ray Kroc Founder of McDonalds Franchise made it one of his top priorities, today McDonald’s Corporate has contracted with WashGuys to see that this priority remains strong.

McDonalds cares about kids from it’s menu and play lands to it’s Ronald McDonald Lands. WashGuys also cares about our youth and have established programs to help kids strive for success in all they do; Click here for more.

Like McDonalds we understand the importance of our next generation, this is one reason we agreed to assist them in cleaning their play lands and keeping them free of germs, mold and harmful bacteria. These Play Lands are cleaned with hot pressure washer steam cleaners and we use a citrus based prep that will not hurt or damage equipment or be harmful to bare skin. It is by following such strict standards that we can provide the high level of safety and service to the World’s Greatest Franchise Company.

McDonald’s has been adding new stores at the rate of several per day and each time it is with precision and adherence to details, Click here for more. We are happy to see the growth of McDonalds, America’s favorite hamburger quick service restaurant.

Thank you Ronald, we love you