Mirage SVS Approved to Compete with Gum Buster Franchisees

3Gum Buster Franchisees are about to get a little more than they bargained for as WashGuys Approve use of the Mirage SVS. SVS; Stands for Steam Vapor System, using only 1 gallon per hour and 295 degrees of vapor to literally melt gum away off any surface. We talked with the founder in Chino, CA from our Corporate Command Center in Tucson, AZ and he walked us through the capabilities of this machine, WOW-this is for real. This prototype in Concrete Wash Guys Official Blue Color is state of the art. Perfect for drought areas, inside stadiums, airports, hospitals, anywhere and anytime. The dry steam vapor system which demonstrated a 3.2 to 4.2 seconds to total annihilation of any gum on any surface.

4This was basically one of those now you see it, Now you don’t demonstrations. You are looking at a system which is nearly 100% steam. You heat up water in about 15 minutes the machine runs off 30 Amps with a 54 Amp pre-heat and power-on spike. Just think now you kill the bacteria, viruses and germs instantly as well as remove the gum.

Concrete Wash Guys have even been offered quantity discounts. Our team will also be entitled to easy credit terms OAK from the vendor’s leasing company. OEM Concrete Wash Guys Blue.

So much for the competition, we are going to melt them away. Gum Busters get ready to be melted as the competition heats up and the Gum Disappears. Who will be the company which eliminates the most gum from sidewalks and facilities. Looks like Gum Busters has a head start, but look in the rear view mirror, because objects are closer than they appear. Gum Busters is a great company for more information from our competitors look them up on the web:

Who Ya Gonna Call?


or Concrete Wash Guys?