WashGuys Approve Mitsubishi Trucks for Service

5Mitsubishi has considerable market share in the United States in the Medium Truck Range. They make perfect work trucks and they have been making them for 15 years. We enjoy good visibility, trouble free operation, competitive Useful Payloads, great inventory availability and excellent turning radius. All these reasons and more are why we continue to support Mitsubishi Trucks.

6Mitsubishi has also come out with a cab and chassis Dual Cab model which will be perfect for larger markets with bigger crews. When it comes to servicing customers you must have the right tools. We intend to be there on said promise for our customers. We thank Mitsubishi Trucks for staying competitive with their latest models.

We have found a dealer in Las Vegas willing to bargain with us for a very low cost deal. We are looking forward to building more Mitsubishi WashGuy Trucks in Yellow this year.